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About us

DahShu is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded to promote research and education in data sciences.

Our activities include hosting various scientific conferences and educational seminars to promote learning and knowledge sharing, as well as to showcase the latest innovations and achievements in the data science field.

We adhere to our guidelines that 100% money shall be used in place; donations shall be allocated according to a strict financial system; all documents and data shall be collected and recorded comprehensively; administrative costs shall be minimized (<3%).

Scientific Conference

We organize scientific conferences such as Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference.

Educational seminars, workshops and short courses

We host educational opportunities for students and working professionals.

Career development and training for specific needs

We provide training sessions and career development tips

Professional engagement and discussions of popular topics.

We lead and engage discussions and provide communication channels.


Our team

Jing Huang


Ruixiao Lu

VP of Operation and Communication

Peng Yang

Treasurer & VP of Strategy

Bin Chen

Secretary General

Haiyan Huang

VP of Scientific Outreach

Hua Tang

VP of Academic Liaison

Rui (Sammi) Tang

VP of Public and Member Relation

Ying Lu

General Scientific Advisor

Lu Tian

VP of Education

Zhanzhi Hu

VP of Technology

Hua Yue

VP of Accounting & Finance, CPA

Weiwei Wang

VP, High Tech

Jie Peng

VP, Career Development

Heping Zhang

General Scientific Advisor

Industry Alliance Committee

Liang Fang

Committee Chair


Feel free to ask us anything. For questions or comments, just fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.